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Vitex and its secret

Vitex is one of the mysterious and currently very popular women’s herbs. Its history often evokes smiles, and on the contrary, its effects on the female hormonal system are awe-inspiring. Flower water, essential oil and tinctures are made from it. Let’s learn much more about this herbal treasure. Aromatherapist and phytotherapist Aneta Jirchářová will tell you the story of vitex.

The name vitex immediately evokes something rough and rough to the touch, but it is not. Vitex is a shrub from the family of lamiaceae. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that the vitex is a member of this family. But if we take a close look at its purple flowers, we could already classify it as some kind of “uncle” who occasionally appears at a family celebration.

Vitex and menstrual problems

Its botanical name, Agnus castus , is Latin for “chaste ram” because it was believed to reduce libido. And for this effect, we can also know it by its popular name monk’s pepper, as it was planted in monasteries and thus helped to tolerate celibacy better. My classmates gave me the nickname “vitex lady” . Not because I was reveling in celibacy, but because I praised the power of vitex very much and talked about it as soon as I had the opportunity. Above all, how it can help women in their cycle. For example, it is used for premenstrual syndrome, premenopause, but also for painful and heavy menstruation.

Aromatherapeutic use of vitex

Since ancient times, vitex has been associated with feminine energy, not only for its healing abilities. Today, the fruits, shaped like pepper balls, are used for treatment. And that brings us beautifully back to the designation monk’s pepper . At first glance, we are attracted by its leaves, which resemble cannabis leaves and lavender-like inflorescences. What does it want to tell us?! That vitex is strongly harmonizing and brings us to a calm state of mind?! In any case, reach for the vitex at the moment of any change. It helps us accept and act. It helps to overcome the difficulties caused by the changes. Either life or psychological. It facilitates the processes of these changes and helps us overcome them better. It brings us lightness by releasing accumulated emotions.

Perception of the vitex

Vitex is the kind of elf that doesn’t need a lot of attention. He actually holds back and prefers to stay in his own world. We don’t have a vitex, but if we met him in his homeland, he would probably just sit on the balcony of his picturesque house and enjoy the sun’s rays. He would ignore us until we spoke to him. He will give us his attention and will also be happy to give advice, but he will not want to engage in a long conversation. After all, we disturbed him from his meditation. But since vitex is a peace-loving elf, he bids us a hearty farewell and gives us something to cheer us on our way.

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Aneta Jirchářová, Aromatherapy Kvítek, wrote for SoZoLe Rose, you can find her website here .

Author: Aneta Jirchářová

Art school graduate, expert aromatherapist and phytotherapist with a focus on aromatherapy massages, who likes to perceive aromatherapy from the point of view of colors.

“I most often look for inspiration in nature, which I admire and respect for its wisdom. In my drawings, I try to capture the soul and power of the plant.”

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