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Transport And Storage Of The Genuine Rose Hydrosol And Its Essential Oil

You are probably interested in how the pure raw materials are transported from distilleries to sterile laboratories or production lines. How are they packaged and how are they stored? If we work with non-preserved pure products, we must take extreme care to adhere to all principles, which are not here to scare, but to preserve all the qualities of these raw materials. In particular, cleanliness must be meticulously maintained to avoid contamination.

Care, certification, export

All raw materials selected by us come from certified distilleries with a long tradition. Our Organic Rose line iseven more special because all the rose blossom put into the traditional copper distillation vessels come frpm own Organic production fields. So it’s no wonder that its certified fields are under the header Balkan Biocert , surrounded by a fence and heavily guarded. Organic rose hydrosols underwent a standardized chemical analysis by the State Laboratory bearing, as usual, the thematic name – “Bulgarian Rose”. Each shipped order is accompanied by a lot of documents and handover protocols. Why so much care? Because it is a matter of guaranteeing the traceability not only of the origin of each barrel, but also the traceability of its subsequent export. Here he follows the motto, diligence pays off. As it is generally known, pure rose raw materials are often faked due to its high price. If such a “phenomenon” occurs, at any stage of distribution, the whole sector falls from disfavor – from the grower to the producer to the seller. And unfortunately, the worst are the farmers themselves, who put all their energy and financial resources into their field. It’s hard and honest hard work. Therefore, for our production we use only row materials from documented own fields, hence directly from the producer, no dealers, no mixing of production of two or more growers.

Special packaging with special treatment

And now the important thing – in what is BIO rose water itself exported? Immediately after the production process is completed, it travels from distillation vessels to standardized barrels. How specific are they? Those sterile barrels designed for use in the food industry, dark and carrying contents weighing exactly 210 kg or 1000 kg (We already have the first batch in stock and more are on the way). Smaller quantities or/and in various other types of containers is always mistrustful, logically without guarantees of sterility, origination, date of steam distillation and certification. Therefore, as consumers, please do not be afraid to ask your seller for proof of origin.

Standardized and sterile barrels are hermetically sealed after filling. Their closures, which are then connected to the production line, are taped with a special tape with the shipping number. Each barrel is marked with a label with information about the manufacturer, seller, batch number with the appropriate Organic certification and, of course, a warning about the sterility of the product. Improper handling in a non-sterile environment can introduce bacteria into this beautiful, clean raw material. Therefore, they are stored in a dark, air-conditioned room. It’s so cold in our warehouse that I have to wear a jacket during the daily inspection, and I’m in their thirties outside. We take care of them with the same love with which their grower treated the beautiful rose plantation. He concentrated all his efforts on a clear goal, ie. to a high percentage of essential oil in beautiful flowers. And you will appreciate this comprehensive care for you, our customers, in the intoxicating scent and quality of our Organic rose hydrosols and exclusive pure rose oil, with which we develop innovative packaging.

Liquid gold

Essential oils also have their storage standards. Immediately after distillation, they are sealed in certified French containers. And then provided with the same accompanying documentation as flower water. Due to the astronomically high price 100% pure “Bulgarian rose oil” , our uncompromisingly sought-after original variety of Rosa Damascena Mill., the vessel is still sealed in a tube and equipped with EU logo “Protected Geographical Indication” . I don’t even have to describe how many documents we had to sign when taking over this treasure. One feels that he is taking over a shipment of the most secret of secret state documents. This fact alone enhances the feeling of exclusivity and enormous quality of this luxury item. Again, we have them safely stored in the dark and cold, under several locks for purely pragmatic reasons. 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil is called “liquid gold”, not for nothing. At present, the price of 1 g of real “Bulgarian rose oil” corresponds approximately to the price of 1 gram of 14 kt. gold, which speaks for itself. And that’s why it often mixes and dominates. Our mission is to introduce you to the “uncompromisingly” guarded purity and quality of this protected gem, which, despite your great interest, cannot be rushed so much. Part of our plan is to document the journey of our Pink Series from the field to the final transport in our innovative packaging to the Czech Republic and all over Europe.

And now we move on to the next phase – k our innovative packaging , which design we work on day and night. I am very much looking forward to introducing them to you. I just need a little more of your patience. After all, beauty cannot be rushed!

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