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The carefree ride of the tangerine

Tropical fruit tangerine. So refreshing, so cooling and yet we only get a taste for it in winter instead of summer. We all have tangerines associated with Santa Claus and Christmas. I have the feeling that in another period I might not even have eaten tangerines. It is probably due to the fact that different types of tangerines begin to ripen in mid-September and their season ends only in December. Well, nature has it figured out, after all, this is the season when we all have the most colds and need the most vitamins. And not only the body, but also the soul longs for tangerine encouragement. In winter, we miss the sun the most. The sun is a source of vitamin D, and a lack of sunlight results in depression and anxiety, among other things. And tangerine is such our sunshine. It is an uncomplicated child’s joy. Fresh powder attacked? So hurry up and build a snowman, make little angels and throw snowballs at each other. Just like little kids would play.

The freedom of the inner child

Tangerine essential oil ( Citrus reticulata ) relieves mental tension and positively dispels depression and anxiety. Tangerine is also suitable for a child’s soul. When a study was conducted in children’s homes, which essential oils were most often chosen by children, mandarin was the winner. And just as I like to use tangerine in mixtures for children, I also recommend it to adults who need to release their inner child. Yes, I’m talking about those who are always stuck up and can’t be happy about little things, for them I would choose a tangerine ( Citrus tangerina ). Compared to tangerine, it has a sweeter and fuller aroma. Tangerine encourages action and tangerine prepares for peaceful sleep or relaxation.

Playfulness without limits

When I open a bottle of essential oil, I feel as if a mandarin orange is trying to break free from it, wanting to show me the whole world. I just have to give her a little help because her chubby little body is struggling with the narrow neck of the bottle. And when her scent envelops my senses, I immediately want to play. Like crunching glass balls. I told you that tangerine encourages playfulness. And if I return to the summer season – when we already get a taste for mandarin, but somehow it is missing in stores, its aroma will serve us well.

Aneta Jirchářová, aromatherapy_kvítek, wrote for SoZoLe Rose (on Instagram)

Author: Aneta Jirchářová

Art school graduate. Currently, she is deepening her studies in the field of aromatherapy, which she likes to perceive from the point of view of colors.

“I most often look for inspiration in nature, which I admire and respect for its wisdom. In my drawings, I try to capture the soul and power of the plant.”

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