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Samurai Jasmine Hydrosol

Large-flowered jasmine, lat. Jasminum grandiflorum , is my darling! Do you know “The Jasmine Song” by Hana Hegerová?

If only I could see
as the jasmine blooms.
The moment it bursts into flower
and bursts forth from the darkness.

I would cover the jasmine with my palm
lest the wind blow him away
didn’t wash away falling asleep
so that time does not destroy it.

That jasmine smells so much at night
and shines and beckons
and you must think of silk
when you put it to your lips.

King of the night

Once I’m enveloped in its intoxicating scent, it’s like being hugged by Mark Darcy from a Jane Austen novel, smelling like jasmine. But the scent of jasmine is fleeting, perhaps like a hug from a fictional character. Jasmine is the king of emotions, it helps us find contact with ourselves. He brings joy, and if fear overcomes us, he will come as a samurai on a white horse and drive it away with a sharp katana.

Wandering Jasmine

The origin of jasmine is not entirely certain. It is often assigned to the region of Iran or the Himalayas. It is a great traveller, sailing across the Red Sea for the ancient Egyptians to use in their festivities. He got to Turkey, Greece. Along the Silk Road, it reached China, where it has already become a tradition that green tea is scented with jasmine. It was brought to Europe by the Moors and its popularity quickly spread. In the well-known center of Grasse, there are jasmine plantations for many perfume companies.

Harvest before dawn

Jasmine essential oil is highly valued, its aroma is heavenly, exotic, sensually rich. Just gorgeous! Jasmine flowers must be collected a few hours before dawn, when its essence is released. The flowers are stored in special baskets and must be transported to the distiller as soon as possible so that the essential oil does not evaporate.

Jasmine Hydrosol

Although Jasmine is associated with a feminine name, its energy is purely masculine. It harmonizes male and female energy. The medicinal effects of jasmine affect both the body and the soul, its sensual aroma has beneficial properties for lovers. It has aphrodisiac effects and jasmine hydrolate is suitable for herbal teas for problems with pregnancy. According to traditional Chinese medicine , jasmine hydrolate strengthens sperm activity. Jasmine carries with it a message of happiness, love and abundance. (Watch a video about other interesting things about jasmine here .)

But the morning is cold
the jasmine wilts at that moment,
you don’t smell any
the last leaf fall.

And so that you don’t feel like Hanička in the song about jasmine, treat yourself to its scent and discover its magic.

Aneta Jirchářová, aromatherapy_kvítek, wrote for SoZoLe Rose (on Instagram)

Author: Aneta Jirchářová

Art school graduate. Currently, she is deepening her studies in the field of aromatherapy, which she likes to perceive from the point of view of colors.

“I most often look for inspiration in nature, which I admire and respect for its wisdom. In my drawings, I try to capture the soul and power of the plant.”

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