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Rosehip Oil – Part One

The healing power of rose hips has been known for millennia. We all certainly know rosehip tea, which helps us in the winter. Due to its high content of vitamin C, it is a great booster of immunity. However, rosehip is so unique that every part of it can be used in food, pharmacy or cosmetics. From its tiny seeds, a beneficial rosehip oil is pressed, which has a beautiful deep orange color. It is due to the high content of carotenoids. Its unsaturated fatty acids benefit the skin. They hydrate the skin and make it velvety soft. The already mentioned vitamin C in combination with vitamin A penetrates deep into the skin and thus effectively helps in the fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging. Thanks to rosehip oil, the skin pores shrink and the skin is visibly radiant. And I would like to introduce you to this natural gem today.

History of Rose hips

Rosehip is a gentle originally wild beauty with white to deep pink flowers. She loves the sun and drier places where she can grow for centuries. It is an ancient symbol of youth and longevity. It has accompanied humanity for a really long time – from the end of the last ice age to the present. The ancient Romans referred to it as the so-called “Dog rose” because she allegedly cured rabies. In the Middle Ages, it was widely used in monastic gardens. And now we find it almost all around us, on sunny slopes, overgrown pastures or forest edges. We are so used to it that we often do not perceive its simple beauty. Believe me, there are many reasons to reach for it.

There is not an rosehip like rosehip

Rosehip oil from our offer is unique. Why? It is an unrefined, pure, cold-pressed oil from hand-picked fruits of wild rosehips exposed to a unique sea climate. Mountains and sea in harmony. We know everything about it. Where does it come from, who collected it and what technology was created with it. It is the technology of origin that is the key factor that affects its final price.

Cold pressing – ie. oil or CO 2 – ie. extract

As a customer, you have a wealth of options, it just depends on what you are looking for. If you desire 100% cold-pressed rosehip oil from untouched nature and hand-picking, always read the label carefully. The difference is not only in prices, but also in the resulting quality and especially the technological process. Rosehip oil is traditionally obtained by cold pressing or cheaper and more massive technology called CO extraction 2 , thereby producing an extract.

“Rosehip oils” obtained by CO2 extractionare commonly available on the market , which is the so-called supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. Highly compressed CO2 gasnamely above its critical temperature 31 O C cannot be liquefied. On the contrary, it is widely used for its ability to dissolve substances with increasing density. Most of these extractions take place at temperatures of 40 ° C O -50 OC and pressures of 100-300 bar. As these are cheaper technologies, the market price of these extracts is lower, even in an Organic quality. In our case, rosehip seeds obtained after the separation of the red peel of fruits (which find their application in the food and pharmaceutical industries) are traditionally pressed. So it’s just a hand of loving work. A special, very strong press is used. How else would those small seeds get a wonderful and fragrant golden oil that your skin will appreciate.

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