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Rose Hydrosol In A Box

Creativity moves the world. Innovation, new trends, novelty, a little audacity and design. All this combined in our solution to pack rose water into the so-called bag-in-box. The aim was to ensure perfect preservation of the qualities of our exclusive flower water. Protect it in a sterile environment and treat the customer to its wonderful aroma for as long as possible. At the same time, we bring solutions for cosmetics manufacturers and non-packaging stores. In such packaged flower water without air access, a 100% sterile environment is guaranteed. And every manufacturer will confirm to you that it is alpha and omega for him.

Preservation of qualities

Flower waters packaged in this way will retain their properties for longer. The so-called airless, or without access to air even after usage. Their wonderful aroma is sealed inside and even when you are bottling, the air does not get inside. This is a significant difference between any bottles.

How does it work

Flower water is airless technology packed in a certified for food industry “bag” made of multi-layer certified plastic, which includes a drain. We have established cooperation with an experienced French company. Its products are: sterile, certified and of the highest quality on the market. The carefully marked and filled bag is then placed in a cardboard box made of recycled paper. We had contacted several companies before we found one that met all our conditions. Recycled and sufficiently strong cardboard, creation of a completely new template according to our design, long-term close cooperation and support of family business. We started with a 3l bag-in-box and created a smaller 1l to satisfy all customers.

How to use

Open the bag-in box in the perforated area indicated. For your better orientation, we have pointed it out with a gold sticker with the words “open here”. You push the marked wheel and then pull the drain or tap out of the box. There is a red fuse on the tap. You will delete it here. Now you can fill as you wish.


Sterility is the most important for maintaining the qualities of any flower water, ie. 100% clean environment without air access and the possibility of bacteria clogging. Sterility is often a stumbling block for bottled hydrolates. Our solution guarantees you the cleanest environment and you can enjoy the beauty of flower water until the entire bag-in box is dialed. Just keep them cool and in the dark. It is also advisable to wipe the tap with alcohol after twisting.


That the package is up to 1l too much? Contrary. Let’s go over a few facts. First you just need to compare the price with 100 – 200 ml variants and then calculate how much 100 ml will cost you when buying 1l. When you buy a smaller bottle, you often save with it, you cannot fully enjoy its contents. Or, conversely, you must constantly order more and more packaging. Our liter box is very nice and compact. It fits anywhere. It does not have the standard dimensions of a 1l box for milk or juice. It will surprise you with its compactness. You can pour into your favorite container as you like and at the same time you keep a sterile environment in a larger package.


When transporting bag-in-boxes, a low carbon footprint is proven. It is 8 times lower than with 750 ml bottles. They are more economical in transport and storage. Plastic bags are mechanically very durable, which minimizes the risk of cracking. Their cardboard packaging is strong enough to provide them with the necessary protective layer. In addition, it is made of recycled paper. You simply sort the entire bag-in-box after emptying.

You will find all the flower waters in the bag-in box here . Take a look and if you are not sure about the choice, do not hesitate contact us . We will be happy to advise. We’re here for you!

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