Tarragon essential oil


100% Tarragon essential oil stimulates the mind, keeps it awake, energizes the body and stimulates creative powers. It is characterized by a sweet herbal-spicy aroma with notes of anise. Mild flatulence, menstrual problems, supports appetite, circulatory and immune system. It is called “sage tarragon”. From its Latin name Artemisia dracunculus, or dragon, we derive the historical connection of this herb with protection against reptiles and their bites.


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100% Tarragon essential oil

Composition: 100% Artemisia Dracunculus Oil

CAS: 8016-88-4

EINECS: 290-356-5

Complete composition: 100% Artemisia Dracunculus Oil, limonene* (*naturally occurring essential oil components).

Method of production: steam distillation of leaves and flowering tops

Country of origin: Bulgaria

This aromatic treasure has many positive properties. It stimulates the mind, keeps it awake, energizes the body and stimulates our mental and creative powers. It gives us courage and strength! And as a bonus, its sweet herbal-spicy scent with notes of anise repels insects , just like lavender, with which it goes wonderfully. We can also find it as part of perfumes and soaps, especially those for the male part of the population.

It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-allergic. Mild flatulence, menstrual problems , supports appetite, circulatory and immune system. Women use it mixed with a carrier (vegetable) oil during painful menstruation. Mix 20 ml of vegetable oil with 3-6 drops of tarragon essential oil. To alleviate seasonal allergies and colds, we can rub the solar plexus with the same mixture. Its benefits for seasickness and motion sickness are also mentioned.


Tarragon essential oil is obtained from the flowering tops of the Artemisia dracunculus plant. Its Latin name means dragon or snake in translation, from which we derive the historical connection of tarragon with protection against reptiles and their bites. It has also been used as a snakebite remedy for centuries.

Aroma : sweet herbal-spicy aroma with anise notes

Combination : lavender , basil , lemon , pine

Tip for a diffuser or aroma lamp

On a wave of relaxation
2 drops lavender
2 drops of lemon
1 drop tarragon

Better today – to relax and improve your mood

2 drops lavender

1 drop of lime

1 drop of lemon

1 drop of orange

1 drop tarragon

We have chosen for you a black opaque glass with an internal dropper. Put in a box of recycled paper. Double protection to preserve the quality of our oils to the “last drop”.

100% pure natural products, coming from Bulgarian family farming. These products are part of the “Small Farmers” line – one grower – one field – one production. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

Do not use internally. Protect your eyes. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep out of reach of children.


Not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 7 years of age!

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