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Natural Melissa Water Mist


100% Melissa (Lemon balm) Flower Water in a 100 ml spray. Pure natural product. Without preservatives. Soothes, cools, rejoices. The elixir of youth. Thanks to its soothing scent, it promotes a good mood. Dark opaque glass and the perfect spray for your perfect mist.

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100% Flower water Melissa (Lemon balm) in a sprayer.

Composition (INCI): 100% Melissa officinalis flower water

CAS: 84082-61-1 EINECS: 282-007-0

Melissa (Lemon balm) is collected twice a year – in June and September

Method of production: steam distillation of fresh above-ground parts of the plant

Country of origin: Bulgaria

100% pure natural product, originating from the beautiful landscape around Karlovo, Bulgaria. This product is part of the series “Small farmers” – one grower – one field – one production. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

Characteristics of lemon balm – cooling, soothing, joyful

Thanks to its soothing scent, it promotes a good mood.

Essential oil content: 0.067

Our 100% flower waters are preservative-free, suitable for vegans and have not been tested on animals. It is a 100% pure natural product

Packed in dark glass with a quality spray. We wish to preserve the qualities of this flower water to the last drop.

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100 ml


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