Flower Water Frangipani in a mist sprayer


100% Frangipani flower water refreshes and softens all skin types. It supports collagen production and prevents skin aging. Treat your skin to exotic aromatic care. Its sweet floral exotic aroma is relaxing. It awakens love and spirituality. You can also use it as an unconventional natural perfume. It is always ready for your perfect mist in a luxurious refillable atomizer.

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Ingredients (INCI): 100% Plumeria Alba Flower Water

Method of production: steam distillation of frangipani flowers

Country of origin: Bali

Skin types – For all skin types , especially dry skin

How it helps – refreshes and softens all skin types

Hair – Refreshes hair. You can use it as a hair rinse at the last stage of washing, add it to hair masks and homemade shampoos, or spray into already washed, still damp hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse again.

Body – Use also as a non-traditional natural perfume . Its sweet floral exotic aroma is relaxing. It awakens love and spirituality.

Bath – When mentally stressed, add 2-3 spoons to the evening bath and relax surrounded by the intoxicating aroma.

How to use – Spray a sufficient amount on a make-up remover pad and clean the skin. Or apply directly to the face so-called. mist. Don’t be afraid to mist your face with a good dose of flower water, your skin will appreciate it. It will be beautifully hydrated and ready for further care steps, such as the application of skin oil or botanical serum. Use to refresh during the day and to improve your mood. You can add it to face masks.

Fragrance – sweet floral exotic

Aromatherapy – Relaxes. It awakens love and spirituality. It is slightly aphrodisiac.

Interesting facts

It comes from Central America, but grows abundantly in Java and Bali, from where its name is also derived, in the local language it is called ” Bunga Jepun ” and in Java it is called ” bunga kamboja”. On the island of Bali, it is a basic flower in sacrificial rituals and an integral part of the identity of this nation. It is a symbol of the Hindu god Shiva.

Did you know that Frangipani takes its name from a fictional hero from the 19th century?! It was invented in 1855 by the owners of a luxury London perfumery to elevate their new perfume. The fictional hero, the botanist Mercutio Frangipani, was supposed to accompany Christopher Columbus on his journey to the New World and be behind the discovery of this exotic and intoxicatingly fragrant flower, Plumeria alba . In fact, the name “frangipanni” comes from the Italian for “broken bread” and the plant is named after the botanist of the French King Louis XIV, Charles Plumier.

100% pure natural product, coming from family farming. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

Black opaque glass and the highest quality sprayer. Put in a box of recycled paper. This packaging is refillable. You can buy our flower water in a larger, economical package and use the sprayer repeatedly.

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