Flower water Smoketree


100% Smoke tree flower water – wildly growing cleans, nourishes and revitalizes problematic and irritated skin. It has been used for centuries for its strong antiseptic, antibacterial and healing effects. It also relieves itchy scalp. Its fresh grassy-citrus scent relieves tension and balances emotions.

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100% Flower water Smoketree – wild growing

Composition (INCI) 100% Cotinus Coggygria Leaf Water

Skin typesirritated and problematic

How it helpsCleanses, nourishes and revitalizes problematic and irritated skin. Naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Soothes irritated skin, pimples and rashes. Improves the barrier function of the skin. Promotes wound healing. Relieves itchy scalp. Suitable for rinsing the oral cavity with problems with the gums.

Smell – a grassy-woody smell with slightly citrus notes in the finish (some liken it to the smell of a forest after rain)

HairRelieves itchy scalp. Hair rinses to support hair growth. There are generally talk of its positives in hair loss.

Aromatherapy – relieves tension, helps with concentrations and balances emotional states

Interesting facts 1

The English name Smoketree is based on the yellowish-pink to pinkish-purple feathery plumes. These fluffy clouds cover the bushes during the summer. And hence its name Smoketree

Latin or botanical name Cotinus coggygria , refers us to the red color of the leaves. It is not for nothing that this beautiful shrub is grown for garden decoration.

It is collected in the wild. It has been used for centuries for its strong antiseptic, antibacterial and healing effects. At present, it can be found as a part of children’s cosmetics caring for an irritated diaper area, drugs for hemorrhoids, periodontitis, gingivitis. It is also used for excessive sweating of the feet and hair loss. Due to the high tannin content, it is very effective as an adhesive.

Interesting facts 2

In Bulgarian folk medicine, it was first used to treat wounds on the legs of farm animals. It was so effective that it healed even huge wounds after wolf attacks. Based on this information, they began to apply it to their family members. It has been used in a huge range of problems from wound healing and stopping bleeding to the treatment of smallpox, rhinitis, purulent sore throat and gynecological problems.

Peeled twigs of Smoketree in Bulgaria are inserted into grape brandy because they add yellow color to it.

From the roots and stems of this plant, a yellow and orange dye is obtained, which is traditionally used to dye carpets in the eastern Mediterranean.

Country of origin: Bulgaria

100% pure natural product, originating from the magical forests of the Stará Planina mountains. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

We pack it in our innovative bag-in-box. Advantages of the package: storage without access to air and light, preservation of the qualities of this flower water to the last drop, minimization of the carbon footprint, saves nature

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