Flower water Immortelle


100% Floral water Immortelle or Immortelle hydrosol. Hydrates and regenerates dry, mature and problematic skin. Great for pigment spots. It has a very distinct smell. Its English name is Immortal, ie. Everlasting!

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100% Flower water Immortelle or Immortelle hydrosol

You will also often come across the label Everlasting.

Composition (INCI): 100% Helichrysum italicum flower water

CAS: 90045-56-0

EINECS: 289-918-2

Skin types – dry, mature and problematic

How it helpsHydrates and regenerates dry, mature and problematic skin. It helps to maintain moisture in it. Soothes irritation. In combination with 100% rosehip oil, it is an unbeatable helper in the care of scars and pigment spots.

How to use – Spray a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and clean the skin. Or apply directly to the face so-called. mist. Don’t be afraid to mist your face with a good dose of flower water, your skin will appreciate it. It will be beautifully hydrated and ready for the next care steps, we recommend the application of the botanical skin serum . Use to refresh during the day and to improve your mood.

TIP : Synergistically, it is advisable to combine straw hydrolate with rosehip oil and rare immortelle essential oil .

Aroma – Very strong smell. For some, it reminds of late summer outdoors, sheaves of straw and golden sun.

Aromatherapy – The aroma of immortelle helps to root in the present and overcome mental wounds (especially deep ones from childhood).

Also suitable for diffusers.

Interesting facts

The Latin name Helichrysum Italicum comes from the Greek Hélios (ie the sun) and Chrysos (ie, gold), referring to its golden color. In English, it is referred to as Immortal (ie, immortal) because its flowers retain their shape, brightness and color even when cut and dried. It’s a real treasure you must try!

Due to its ability to prevent blood clotting, it relieves and accelerates the healing of bruises and contusions! They also talk about positive effects in the healing of wounds after operations and small wounds. It reduces swelling and the aforementioned bruising. By the way, it is also recommended for cleaning and healing after tattoos and piercings. (S. Catty – Hydrosols The Next Aromatherapy, p. 97)

Immortelle is collected twice a year – July and September

Method of production: steam distillation of fresh flowers and stems

Country of origin: Bulgaria

100% pure natural product, originating from the beautiful landscape around Karlovo, Bulgaria. This product is part of the series “Small farmers” – one grower – one field – one production. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

Essential oil content: 0.044%

You can learn much more about straw flower water on our blog .

We pack it in our innovative bag-in-box. Advantages of packaging: storage without access to air and light, maintaining the quality of this flower water to the last drop, minimizing the carbon footprint, saving nature.

You might also be interested in the rare organic essential oil Immortelle in our range of essential oils.

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