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100% Flower water Lemon balmpure natural product. Without conservants. It tones, cleans and gently tightens all skin types. Elixir of youth. Thanks to its soothing aroma, it promotes a good mood.

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100% Flower water Lemon balm or lemon balm hydrosol

Ingredients (INCI): 100% Melissa officinalis flower water

CAS : 84082-61-1 EINECS : 282-007-0

Skin types – for all skin types

How it helpstones, cleans and gently tightens all skin types . Prevention of skin aging. It is referred to as the “Elixir of Youth” . Suitable for small rashes.

Bath – 1-2 tablespoons of lemon balm water for a relaxing evening bath. If you suffer from irritated skin, combine 1 tablespoon of lemon balm water and 1 tablespoon of chamomile water in a bath. For small children, reduce to 1 teaspoon per bath.

Aroma – a mild herbal aroma typical of lemon balm

Aromatherapy – Its soothing aroma is suitable for restlessness, stress and poor sleep. It transforms intensity into calm.

Also suitable for diffusers.

Aroma Tip 1 : Spray on the children’s pillow before bed. Brings restful sleep.

Aroma Tip 2 : The lemon balm aroma helps expectant mothers to soothe morning sickness.

Interesting facts

Lemon balm originally comes from the Mediterranean. Its Latin name is derived from the word melittena , i.e. bee, because already in ancient times it was cultivated as a honey-bearing plant. The Arab physician Avicenna spoke of it as a plant that cheers the heart and strengthens the spirit.

Lemon balm is collected twice a year – in June and September

Method of production: steam distillation of fresh aerial parts of the plant

Country of origin: Bulgaria

100% pure natural product, originating from the beautiful landscape around Karlovo, Bulgaria. This product is part of the series “Small farmers” – one grower – one field – one production. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

Essential oil content: 0.067

We pack in an innovative bag-in-box. Advantages of packaging: storage without access to air and light, maintaining the quality of this flower water to the last drop, minimizing the carbon footprint, saving nature

We offer 100% Lemon balm essential oil from the same field and the same production.

You can read more about Lemon balm flower water and its essential oil on our blog .

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