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100% Cucumber hydrosol hydrates, refreshes and tones all skin types. It relieves irritated and tense skin. It helps to maintain its elasticity. Soothes the skin after sunbathing. It comes from the distillation of whole fruits of the specific Gergana cucumber variety, which is characterized by a sweet taste and aroma, which has also been transferred to this hydrolate.

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Ingredients (INCI): 100% Cucumis Sativus Fruit Water

Method of production: steam distillation of cucumber fruits

Harvest: July-August

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Skin types – For all skin types . Suitable for drier, more sensitive and irritated skin.

How it helpshydrates , strongly refreshes and tones. Helps maintain skin elasticity. It relieves irritated and tense skin. Soothes the skin after sunbathing.

Hair – Refreshes hair. You can use it as a hair rinse at the last stage of washing, add it to hair masks and homemade shampoos, or spray into already washed, still damp hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse again.

How to use – Spray a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and clean the skin. Or apply directly to the face so-called. mist. Don’t be afraid to mist your face with a good dose of flower water, your skin will appreciate it. It will be beautifully hydrated and ready for further care steps, such as the application of skin oil or botanical serum . Use to refresh during the day and to improve your mood. You can add it to face masks.

Aroma – a delicate sweet aroma

Interesting facts

Cucumber is actually a melon from the gourd family. Its fruit is the pulpy berry we all know, which we like to eat especially in the summer months. There are 60 types of cucumbers all over the world, among the most famous are the sow cucumber and the sugar melon. Have you ever noticed how similar they actually are?!

From Bulgaria comes an old non-hybrid variety of cucumbers – Gergana , which is characterized by a sweet taste and aroma. It is she who is used to distill this hydrolate.

100% pure natural product, coming from family farming. We support small family business, hard work of honest people.

We pack it in our innovative bag-in-box. Advantages of the package: storage without access to air and light, preservation of the qualities of this flower water to the last drop, minimization of the carbon footprint, saves nature

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