Organic Flower Water Lavender in a mist sprayer


100% ORGANIC Lavender flower water, or lavender hydrosol, soothes the irritated skin of the whole family, from the diaper area of ​​babies to teenage pimples, to redness after shaving, sunburn or all kinds of hives, rashes and also insect bites. In addition, you can use it as a hair tonic. With its mildly sweet herbal scent, it relaxes and helps you fall asleep. It is always ready for your perfect mist in a luxurious refillable atomizer.

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100% Organic Lavender flower water in a spray bottle, or lavender hydrosol

Do you know that lavender hydrosol is the most effective flower water to promote sleep. Not only does its aroma relax, but the beneficial substances contained in it soothe sunburn, irritated skin of babies and teenagers, as well as skin after shaving and insect bites.

Skin types – Suitable for all skin types.

How does it helpRegenerates, nourishes, refreshes the skin . It has astringent (tightening) effects, which will be appreciated by skin with enlarged pores. Heals problematic skin. It soothes the irritated skin of the whole family, from babies’ diaper areas to teenage pimples, to hives and rashes in adults. Perfectly relieves sunburned skin or after insect bites.

Do you know that lavender flower water is versatile in every way! Repels insects such as mosquitoes, lice and ticks. It can also be used as a natural repellent both for the whole family and for our pets. Just have a sprayer with you.

Characteristics of lavender – harmonizing, regenerating, gentle

Use – Spray a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and cleanse the skin. Or apply directly to the face so-called. mist. Don’t be afraid to mist your face with a good dose of flower water, your skin will appreciate it. It will be beautifully hydrated and ready for further caring steps, e.g. application rosehip oil . Use to refresh during the day and to improve your mood.

Hairuse as a hair tonic that soothes irritated scalp and makes combing easier. It adds a fabulous aroma and the kids love it!

Aroma – a delicate herbal scent with a sweet finish

AromatherapyIt relaxes the mind and body. It relaxes and helps with falling asleep.

Aroma TIP 1 – Lavender water is suitable for babies and small children . For better falling asleep and sleeping, add 1-2 teaspoons to the bath or spray it in the room where the baby sleeps.

Aroma TIP 2 – Refresh yourself with it in the event of a stressful situation , both in the work sphere and in the personal sphere. It brings relaxation and helps restore harmony.

Aroma TIP 3 – For menstrual cramps and pain, relieve yourself with warm or, on the contrary, cool compresses made from a combination of lavender water with rose water, clary sage and geranium zdravets.

Aroma TIP 4 – If your muscles are tense due to heavy stress, soak the gauze in lavender water and leave it on your shoulders, neck or forehead for 15 minutes.

Aroma TIP 5 – In the summer, freeze lavender water in ice cubes. Apply to skin immediately to soothe insect bites .

Combined with rose water and clary sage flower water, it brings relief during PMS.

Composition (INCI): 100% Lavandula Angustifolia flower water

Ref. No. CPNP: 3462874

CAS: 90063-37-9

EINECS: 289-995-2

Method of production: steam distillation of fresh flowers and stems

Lavender is harvested – during the months of July and August

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Essential oil content: 0.080%

Read much more about Lavender Flower Water on our blog. We recommend!

Our 100% flower waters are preservative-free, suitable for vegans and have not been tested on animals. It is a 100% pure natural product

Black opaque glass and the highest quality sprayer. Put in a box of recycled paper. This packaging is refillable. You can buy our flower water in a larger, economical package and use the sprayer repeatedly.

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