Organic Flower Water Damask rose in a mist sprayer


100% organic flower water Damask rose, or rose water, is one of the strongest natural anti-aging agents. Its refreshing, cooling and toning power will be appreciated by every skin, from tired to sensitive to dry to mature. Pampers the skin with the first wrinkles and prevents the appearance of others. You can also use it as a hair tonic or make-up fixer. Its fresh fragrance with earthy notes and a sweet finish relieves tension and harmonizes the soul. It is suitable for expectant mothers. It is always ready for your perfect mist in a luxurious refillable atomizer.



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100% Organic flower water Damask rose or rose water

Did you know that the aroma of rose water literally balances emotions and calms irritability and irritability?! In addition, its refreshing, cooling and toning power will be appreciated by every skin, from tired to sensitive to dry to mature. For centuries it has been considered the No. 1 beautifying agent because it pampers the skin with  first wrinkles and prevents the appearance of others.

Skin types – Suitable for all skin types. It is especially suitable for drier, more sensitive and mature skin.

How it helpsRefreshes, cools, nourishes and hydrates your skin . Soothes and strengthens tired, sensitive and dry skin. Delicate skin with first wrinkles and mature skin. It ranks among the strongest natural anti-aging agents . It also has natural anti-inflammatory effects and is therefore suitable for the irritated diaper area of ​​babies, hives and itching. Effectively refreshes and cools during the day .

Do you know that rose water fixes make-up well? And so also a dose of refreshment in  lunch break, leaving the perfect make-up intact.

Use – Spray a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and cleanse the skin. Or apply directly to the face so-called. mist. Don’t be afraid to mist your face with a good dose of flower water, your skin will appreciate it. It will be beautifully hydrated and ready for further caring steps, e.g. application of rosehip oil or botanical skin serum Use to refresh during the day and to improve mood. You can add it to face masks.

Bath – If you are tired, add 2-3 spoons to the bath and relax surrounded by the intoxicating aroma.

Hair – Hydrates hair, which helps prevent breakage. It is also effective when electrifying hair or as a morning refresher during your styling . We recommend spraying into the lengths of the hair or applying as a hair tonic after washing from the scalp to the ends.

Aroma – An distinct fresh scent with earthy notes and a sweet finish. Unique and rich.

Aromatherapy – Rose opens the heart. It supports our inner balance and helps us make decisions and finish what we start. It creates a sense of security. Harmonizes the mind. Releases tension.

Aroma TIP 1 : Spray it in the room where the conflict is taking place, emotions will quickly calm down!

Aroma TIP 2 : When feeling frustrated and irritated, spray on your face and take several deep breaths.

Aroma TIP 3 : In case of discomfort in  female parts, rinse this zone with rose water.

Aroma TIP 4 : Always take it on trips as a universal first aid : it cools the skin, calms the psyche and has natural anti-inflammatory effects.

Aroma TIP 5 : Give rose water to a pregnant woman. Rose water is suitable in  pregnancy, during childbirth and during breastfeeding. It helps establish a deeper relationship between mother and baby. During childbirth, it gives confidence, takes care of tired skin in  maternity and puerperium, harmonizes the soul and soothes the irritated diaper area.

Aroma TIP 6 : Wet the cotton pads thoroughly with rose water and place them on tired closed eyes . Leave on for approx. 5 min.

Interesting facts

The rose is the most mentioned flower in the history of literature. She smelled like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, to whom she was also dedicated. The beauty secret of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was said to be a daily bath in rose water. The rose is also associated with the ancient Thracian queen Berenice, who resided in the ancient city, the remains of which were found under the surface of the water reservoir, very close to today’s center of the Rose Valley. Damask rose has been cultivated in this place for 2500 years.

The famous Renaissance painter Michelangelo used to add rose water to his tea, supposedly to calm his temper. In 18. and the 19th century, rose water was commonly used in housewives’ kitchens.

The fragrance of Damask rose flower water is very specific, in  the official documentation always states “the typical fragrance for Damask rose water”. So what is it like? It has an aroma that is difficult to describe and very surprising. It is characterized by a certain dose of freshness and earthiness, and only then does sweetness follow.

Method of production

Our flower water is traditionally produced by steam distillation in a specialized distillery for organic rose production. A large number of human hands and loving care are needed before it can be reached. Yes, the flowers are picked by hand after sunrise, when they are still sprinkled with morning dew and their petals contain the highest amount of essential oils (0.02-0.04%, exceptionally up to 0.09%).

The flowers are transported directly from the fields in 10 kg bags and travel immediately to huge distillation vessels, where they are filled with water and go through the first steam distillation. Because the rose oil cannot be sufficiently separated, the first distillate travels to other vessels, in which it is distilled a second time. There it gets more complicated. By the end of the same working day, everything is done. The second distillate, unique pure rose water fills the containers and precious rose oil, which is lighter than the water collected on its surface. Also try 100% pure rose oil , which is registered as a protected geographical indication of the EU.

Black opaque glass and the highest quality sprayer. Inserted in a box from  recycled paper. This packaging is refillable. You can buy our flower water in a larger, economical package and use the sprayer repeatedly.

Exclusive series – the highest quality

Ingredients (INCI): 100% Rosa Damascena Flower water.

Ref. no. CPNP: 3458860

CAS: 90106-38-0

EINECS: 290-260-3

Our 100% flower waters are preservative-free, suitable for vegans and have not been tested on animals. It is a 100% pure natural product.

Ph 5.0

Essential oil content 0.089%

Content of naturally occurring ethyl alcohol 1.21% (ethyl alcohol is a naturally occurring component in  Rose flower water thanks to the steam distillation process)

You can learn much more about the collection, distillation and uniqueness of the flower water of the Damask Rose on our blog .

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