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Peppermint Hydrosol

The deep-green, small leaves of peppermint are very popular in the culinary, traditional medicine and aromatherapy. After the harvesting its fresh fronds are immediately transported to the distillery During the process of steam distillation, with a help of experienced professionals, the peppermint juices are transformed into refreshing and energising flower water and its amazing essential oil.

Peppermint Hydrosol

Peppermint flower or floral water/hydrosol is largely used because of its refreshing, antibacterial and antiseptic effects. It relieves unpleasant itching both after a bite and after an insect bite. Peppermint hydrosol compresses help the irritated skin and reduce inflamed and red acne.

Suzanne Catty mentions about the function of mint hydrosols in hydrotherapy in her book “Hydrosols the next aromatherapy”. The combination of this therapy and peppermint water relieves stiff and sore muscles as well as pain, even when the ankle is dislocated. It is interesting that by adding to hot water it brings a cooling effect, and conversely by mixing with cold water the opposite effect.

Peppermint mist

Peppermint mist is one of the most pleasant aromas. We use it when we need to focus better for study or work. It calms the nerves and at the same time stimulates brain activity. The direct application on the face refreshes in the persistent summer heat and also relieves hot flushes during menopause. If the smell of this hydrosol is still strong for you, do not be afraid to dilute it with distilled / boiled water in a sprayer.

Taste and aroma of peppermint flower water

This flower water is characterized by a fresh scent of crushed fresh mint leaves, but is weaker than the aroma of the essential oil itself. The taste of undiluted hydrosol is very strong. Mixing it with water will add the softness of mint tea. Thanks to its antibacterial and cleansing abilities, it can be consumed in case of nausea and other digestive problems (Not recommended during pregnancy !!). However, always diluted and in small sips, as stated by S. Catty in his above-mentioned book. (Here you will also find an exhaustive list of drinking courses of mint hydrate – for cleansing the liver, cleansing acne skin, when tired.) It is also an excellent alternative to natural mouthwash.


Try our mint water in both hot and cold kitchens. Its light sweetness is suitable for preparing refreshing summer cocktails and smoothies. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Always keep in mind that peppermint hydrosol is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, as is the classic mint tea.

We will talk about the peppermint essential oil in the second part of the article. It will be inserted soon.

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