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Menopause and woman care

Menopause is a turning point in a woman’s life, when there is a natural physiological decline in ovarian activity and a reduction in hormone production. Its perception is individual and intense in every woman. Menopausal syndrome, i.e. symptoms of menopause, such as nervousness, difficulty sleeping, sweating and hot flashes are often unpleasant symptoms that can be corrected to some extent with herbs. Our correspondent, sauna master and masseuse Renata, addresses this topic in another part of her fragrant stories from northern Italy.

Harmonizing vitex

Greetings from northern Italy! The summer season is slowly approaching and I was thinking about how to surprise our guests, especially the ladies. And then it just happened. Vite floral water and its essential oil pleasantly surprised me at the SoZoLe Rose website. Wow, wow, wow!!!!! And it was decided. That’s exactly what I needed. Vitex has a harmonizing effect on the female hormonal system, which all menopausal women will appreciate.

Menopause and how to help

For a few days I had the idea of ​​creating a package specifically for menopausal women. Most of our guests age are 50+. Perfect for our clients! For several evenings, I immersed myself in the wonderful book Essence and alchemy by Mandy Aftel, for which I am deeply thankful to aromatherapist L. Kotalíková . After completing the perfumery course, I didn’t know how to move forward. So I connected with her. She guided me in the right direction. Then everything started to fit together! Olala suddenly it made sense to me and the alchemy of the perfume enchanted me.

The alchemy of perfume

After a few days of combining, I was approaching my dream goal, full of expectations of how I would like the perfume. Of course, it is not a commercial Chanel-type fragrance, but a botanical perfume infused with essential oils suitable for menopause. When I created the first roll-on full of tension and anticipation, I care a lot. All sorts of thoughts swirled through my head. What if they doen’t like it?! And they like it!!!!! I’m so happy! It is created from 13 essences. In the heart it has clary sage , vitex, geranium and a drop of neroli and ylang. In the body is Rock Rose (Cist), which is amazingly fixing and has a fascinating herbal-musky scent. There is a drop of Wild Carrot in the head, which has a cooling effect, calms and reduces stress. These hot flushes are really tough.

Evening ritual

I am full of anticipation, how they will like our “Balance package”, which consists of aromatherapy massage, Vitex flower water, roll-on Balance and botanical serum BERENIKE – I’m fine . Among other ingredients, the serum also contains the rare Damask rose oil and clary sage. The skin in the period of change needs more care. I myself enjoy my little ritual every evening. I refresh my face with rose flower water and massage in the BERENIKÉ serum. I always feel like my skin thanks me.

I’m lucky that hotel guests like to treat themselves to something special, so I can be creative. I will be happy if this article of mine inspires masseuses. Don’t worry, your customer will appreciate it!

I look forward to seeing you next time!

Bis bald

Your Renata

My name is Renáta and I am a sauna master, beautician and masseur, living and working in northern Italy at the Sonnenheim hotel. I love the forest. It is a magical place for me, full of wonderful scents and peace. I apply my creativity to the wonderful guests we have at Hotel Sonnenheim . I always try to surprise them with something new. And I hope I succeed, because work is my hobby. Heartfelt thanks to the management of Hotel Sonnenheim. And mainly thanks to the top quality and wide selection of Sozole Rose products. I will be happy to accompany you on my fragrant herbal journey from northern Italy.

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