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Journey To Distilleries And Limited Edition Of Rose Oils

During this week, with the desire to discover other unique flower waters (hydrates) and EO (essential oils), we made several meetings and trips to distilleries. Despite all the fatigue and difficulty, we succeeded and negotiated the conditions. As a bonus, we have brought many samples, which we test for you with love and care. But let’s not rush and let’s talk about it nicely from the beginning.

Thanks to the cold spring, this year’s harvesting of roses lasted for a full 50 days. As the saying goes, whoever waits will see. This year was very favorable for the quality of rose oil. I can’t wait for you to be able to smell and rejoice in our offer. We are preparing a truly unique selection of limited editions of rose oils from the best growers and distillers.

Many of you certainly know the advantages of 100% oil of Rosa Damascena (Damascus Roses), the queen of all roses, which we have chosen as a symbol of our company. Its aroma is very pronounced to intoxicating and simply unmistakable. In contrast, 100% Rosa Alba oil is characterized by much softer sweeter tones and a certain dose of sophistication. We will provide you with a limited 100% Rosa Alba oil, which you will not normally encounter in such quality. This year’s production was contracted by the world’s leading perfumers and cosmetic manufacturers last year. Its amount is very limited. Another unique feature is the limited edition 100% so-called “Boutique” oil from four types of roses. We are excited about his playful tones. If you want to try something new and unseen, then this “limit” is exactly for you. Its worldwide quantity is only 20 kg.

We also brought many samples of hydrosols, which we are now testing. In the package we have prepared flower water Rosa Alba, Sage (Salvia Officinalis), we are very surprised by the Calendula Officinalis and we are also enchanted by chamomiles. In one of the largest distilleries specializing in four types of hydrosols and oils, we received absolutely fresh Roman chamomile flower water, and yet unfiltered chamomile. Their aroma is gradually released and stabilized, and we immerse our nose more and more in a bowl of coffee beans to neutralize everything and be able to throw ourselves for further tests.

And what we are very proud of is a package of pink powder from damask rose, ie. Rosa Damascena flower powder. Dried and ground damascene flowers, which rang the whole car despite the cover. Thanks to the very low drying temperature (below 40 degrees), this is true RAW quality. And as the collection and distillation of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is approaching, we will soon set out again and look for the best lemon balm essential oil. We want to include it in our portfolio and give you a more diverse range of the best pure raw materials that Bulgaria, as the largest grower and exporter of herbs in the EU, provides. But about that again next time.

So keep an eye on us and I will send you a fragrant greeting.

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