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How The Rose Oil And Rose Hydrosol Are Made

IN previous article I took you to the fragrant Rose Valley and introduced you to the Bulgarian oil rose from the Rosa Damascena mill variety. We will now move from the fields together to the so-called rose distilleries, because not seeing the end of the whole process is a sin.

The flowers are transported directly from the fields in 25 kg bags and travel immediately to huge distillation vessels, where they are filled with water and go through the first steam distillation. Because the rose oil cannot be sufficiently separated, the first distillate travels to other vessels, in which it is distilled a second time. There it gets more complicated. By the end of the same working day, everything is done. The second distillate, unique pure rose water fills the containers and precious rose oil, which is lighter than the water collected on its surface. The transformation of the magical “liquid gold”, which, due to its high price, hardly reaches the end customer, is complete. There is bustle everywhere, workers bring and carry bags of treasure and you feel like in a human anthill. An experienced technician walks between the individual vessels and carefully monitors the entire process. I love it and I don’t want to leave at all. I want to stay here as long as possible. Just sitting among all that intoxicating unique beauty.

French writer Avelin Claude said: “Wherever we sow dreams, roses bloom.” I believe in the power of a dream, I expend hard energy to realize it and when it succeeds I harvest valuable roses.
My dream is to provide you with the best unique 100% rose water and rose oil from the mecca of its cultivation. I search, travel, study and settle for only the best, because I know that: “Every woman is beautiful and unique! Every woman deserves love and special care. ”

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