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Facts and interesting facts about rose oil II.

Did you know that Bulgarian rose oil distilled from Damask rose flowers contains almost 280 components, and you can also recognize its authenticity by the fact that it solidifies at room temperature below 20 degrees? Better to say “gelling”, thanks to the presence of its natural solid part, which consists of paraffins and waxes. The liquid part then consists of aromatic components, especially terpenes such as geraniol, citronellol, farnesol, linalool and nerol.

What does it actually smell like?

Another sign of authenticity is its color. It must be light yellow with shades of green and, of course, a typical aroma. What is it actually like? In the official documentation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and in subsequent technical sheets, it is always stated: “characteristic fragrance of Damask rose oil”. Which does not reveal much to the average user. That’s why I will bring it closer to you. It is a scent that is very intoxicating and can make the inexperienced head spin. Why not, when one drop contains the power of 30-40 blooming pink flowers. The aroma of Bulgarian rose oil is distinctly floral with earthy notes and sweetness in the finish. It’s like walking right into a field of roses in full bloom. The perception is so strong and unforgettable that it is said: “Whoever smells real rose oil once, remembers the scent and always recognizes it among others.” You can meet many rose oils, but they do not reach such globally recognized qualities as the Bulgarian one. It is used not only in perfumery, where it is part of 42% of men’s perfumes and 96% of women’s perfumes from around the world as a fragrance fixative, but also in cosmetics, pharmacology and the food industry.

A killer of acne-causing bacteria

In the cosmetics industry, it is not only part of luxurious anti-aging products, but also has scientifically proven positive effects on the skin. It has been proven to slow down the symptoms of skin aging and is effective in atopic eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. In addition, it has been found that due to the content of geraniol and citronellol, it reduces the excessive production of sebum, which is why it is suitable to be included in a skin line for oily and problematic skin. A pleasant finding of modern science is also the fact that rose oil has an antibacterial effect directly against the bacteria that cause acne, Cutibacterium Acnes and Staphylococcus Epidermidis . His abilities are really very powerful. Scientists have also studied anti-inflammatory effects and found that rose oil has a positive effect on reducing inflammatory processes. It regulates the activity of specific receptors that play a major role in sensitive skin syndrome. Bulgarian rose oil is a real treasure that has played a major role in the cosmetic industry since time immemorial and is often present where you would least expect it.

Rose oil in the hands of medicine

Did you know that Bulgarian rose oil is included in eye medicines, stomach and intestinal preparations, because it is not only a good laxative, but also has been shown to be effective against intestinal parasites? You can find it in preparations for skin and dental diseases. As it relieves asthma, it is one of the components of medicines for coughs, asthma, and allergies. For example, in Germany you will find it in homeopathic medicines for hay fever. Its anti-HIV effects are even being studied.

Aromapsychology and the rose scent

By the way, its aroma has been proven to remove anxiety, tension and fear, so it is particularly beneficial in aromatherapy and aromapsychology for insomnia, palpitations and anxiety states. It lowers heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. Its aroma evokes a feeling of security, firm maternal arms. It calms and harmonizes the mind and helps us overcome emotional wounds and restores faith that we will be able to love again.

By the way, you can buy 100% rare real Bulgarian rose oil, which has been a protected geographical indication since 2014, at the SoZoLe Rose e-shop, where it is prepared for you in a luxurious package, which includes a hand-carved wooden case made of linden wood, which perfectly protects the qualities of this aromatic gem. And if you are looking for 100% natural cosmetics that contain real rose oil, take a look at the BERENIKÉ botanical serums . We have created them for you in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge summarized in this article.

If you want to know other interesting facts about rose oil, read the previous article , or take a walk with us through the Růžové údolí and get a glimpse of the production of this luxurious product.

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