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Samurai Jasmine Hydrosol

Large-flowered jasmine, lat. Jasminum grandiflorum , is my darling! Do you know “The Jasmine Song” by Hana Hegerová? If only I could seeas the jasmine blooms.The moment it bursts into flowerand bursts forth from the darkness. I would cover the jasmine with my palmlest the wind blow him awaydidn’t wash away falling asleepso that time […]

The carefree ride of the tangerine

Tropical fruit tangerine. So refreshing, so cooling and yet we only get a taste for it in winter instead of summer. We all have tangerines associated with Santa Claus and Christmas. I have the feeling that in another period I might not even have eaten tangerines. It is probably due to the fact that different […]

Cypress from ancient times

Dry, colorful and sometimes sunny autumn. In the morning we are greeted by thick fog, during the day the sun’s rays peek through the yellow-red leaves and in the evening a thin frost forms on the glass. It is the time when nature is preparing for a long winter sleep. I’ve noticed that a lot […]

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