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Does 1 gram of essential oil equal 1 milliliter?

Some essential oils drip faster and others more slowly. As if the drop didn’t want to run down. To blame is the so-called relative density of the oils, which also determines how many milliliters are in one gram of this treasure and whether 1g of essential oil corresponds to 1 milliliter. You may be surprised, […]

Herbal baths in history and today

The history of herbal or pain healing baths goes back many millennia. We can find their origins already in ancient Egypt. The ancient Greeks, who of course were inspired by Egypt, also believed in the therapeutic power of herbal baths. And from there, their tradition was passed on. Nowadays, you can enjoy them in the […]

Samurai Jasmine Hydrosol

Large-flowered jasmine, lat. Jasminum grandiflorum , is my darling! Do you know “The Jasmine Song” by Hana Hegerová? If only I could seeas the jasmine blooms.The moment it bursts into flowerand bursts forth from the darkness. I would cover the jasmine with my palmlest the wind blow him awaydidn’t wash away falling asleepso that time […]

The carefree ride of the tangerine

Tropical fruit tangerine. So refreshing, so cooling and yet we only get a taste for it in winter instead of summer. We all have tangerines associated with Santa Claus and Christmas. I have the feeling that in another period I might not even have eaten tangerines. It is probably due to the fact that different […]

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