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Menopause and woman care

Menopause is a turning point in a woman’s life, when there is a natural physiological decline in ovarian activity and a reduction in hormone production. Its perception is individual and intense in every woman. Menopausal syndrome, i.e. symptoms of menopause, such as nervousness, difficulty sleeping, sweating and hot flashes are often unpleasant symptoms that can […]

Vitex and its secret

Vitex is one of the mysterious and currently very popular women’s herbs. Its history often evokes smiles, and on the contrary, its effects on the female hormonal system are awe-inspiring. Flower water, essential oil and tinctures are made from it. Let’s learn much more about this herbal treasure. Aromatherapist and phytotherapist Aneta Jirchářová will tell […]


Smoketree is a wonderful shrub with medicinal effects and great potential. It grows in dry and stony places, often in oak forests up to 800 meters above sea level. It reaches a height of 2 to 3 meters. In some languages it is called hairy because its pink flowers resemble tufts of hair. However, the […]

Balkan peony

Hidden in the meadows of the Black Sea coast, the rare coral-red Balkan Peony ( Paeonia Peregrina ) grows. It is found only on the Balkan Peninsula, especially in Bulgaria and Turkey, and more rarely in Romania and Serbia. It can also be found in local light deciduous forests, bushes and rocky valleys. It belongs […]

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